<![CDATA[Fonebell Cloud Phone Services - Blog]]>Mon, 16 Nov 2015 17:21:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[5 Benefits of Using Cloud Based Phone Services for a Company]]>Mon, 16 Nov 2015 10:35:43 GMThttp://fonebell.weebly.com/blog/5-benefits-of-using-cloud-based-phone-services-for-a-companyLiberty will not descend to people, people must raise themselves to liberty – the famous quote by Charles Caleb Colton holds a great success recipe for today’s entrepreneurs.  To sustain themselves and steer clear amidst the wave of globalization and consumerism, they have to innovate their business modus operandi. Yes, they need to stay agile and responsive towards the demand of consumers and other stakeholders, and not just for the sake of doing business but in ethical ways to build a harmonious relationship with stakeholders. Thankfully, cloud phone solutions provide them a means, which is not just innovative but result-oriented and reliable, and not to forget cost-effective as well.

Cloud-enabled communication system is not an alien term to us. In fact, since the dawn of the Internet, we have been using it in the formats of emails and social media, which were mainly focused on text-based communication in their early days. Later on, the wave of modernization revolutionized them too, and we witnessed voice-based communication features coming into them. But the human intellect was not satiated with this, and consequently the evolution descended and this time with a big bang in the form of cloud phone services. Scholars and IT experts often place this derivative in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service segment. Let’s discover 5 benefits of using cloud based phone services for a company.

Reduces total cost of ownership

TCO is widely discussed term in the context of business planning, and why should it not be. Everything that relates with money making and revenue has a special space in the business discourse. In the era, where businesses are marred by the rising technology adoption budget, accelerating manpower cost, and operational expenses, cloud phone solutions come as a savior as it discards the need of owning IT infrastructure to support a business communication system. Businesses can opt the right plan and pay for the service as per their consumption level. Not only this, it makes IT management an outdated term. Businesses no longer need to have a big IT team to manage the various communication systems that are in use.

Improves operational efficiency 

IT downtime and technical issues – the ravages of technology are taking a backseat with cloud pone services in place. Vendors offering cloud telephony services often host the communication apps and services on robust servers equipped with military-grade protection to make sure the resources are always available to end-users as and when required. This orchestrate the fundamental of a reliable business and staff heading and running different departments can collaborate with each other without any restrictions.

Improves flexibility

Flexibility got redefined with cloud phone services as clients are free to switch to features and tools that they want. Interestingly, they can do it anytime with Web-based control panel accessible from anywhere. They can also configure the service and reset permissions linked with different tools. Most of the vendors don’t ask their clients to go into long term contract.

Improves security

Security is a paramount aspect for a business and cloud phone solutions offered by trusted vendors like Fonebell are staying true to the expectation of entrepreneurs. This helps in building trustworthy relationship with stakeholders.

Improves brand reputation

Reputation is an abstract term but with tangible effects and not to surprise with long-term benefits. Cloud phone services contribute significantly towards this as they not just empower people with the right information but make sure that information are accessed by authorized user. Moreover, checks and balances can be applied with built-in reporting and recording capabilities of cloud phone solutions.

<![CDATA[ Exasperated with the Old Business Phone System, Update Cloud-Based Phone Solution for enriching experience ]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2015 06:27:51 GMThttp://fonebell.weebly.com/blog/-exasperated-with-the-old-business-phone-system-update-cloud-based-phone-solution-for-enriching-experience The era has transformed and modernity has given way to post-modernity. The ways, modes, channels and strategies of Communication has evolved and this has indeed led to the inception of Cloud-Based Phone Solution. It has depicted a remarkable improvisation since the prior business etiquettes solely relied on singular phone systems serving as a roadblock towards adequate communication leaving loopholes hard to eradicate.

Cloud-based Phone Solution has revolutionized the business communication sector by transforming the narrow terrains of low network and connection complexities. Old Business Phone system created a colossal mess and Cloud-Based Phone Solution emerged as the dream come true networking system that materialized giving way to easy, simplified and apt communication process. Cloud Phone services literally symbolizes a cloud hovering over workforce where every desktop is connected and easily accessible without the fuss of unrequired cables adding to surplus burden and stress.

Old Business Phone System consisted of avoidable wires that stressed the communication process leading to the consequences of low maintenance, complete lack of integration, low speed and reliability, low sound quality and devoid of amusing features. These and a few other barricades can be overcome if you update your Business Phone System to Cloud-based Phone System. Cloud-Based solution designed by Fonebell serves as the anew developed networking system that has reinvigorated the communication sector giving it all the newly developed, possible and conceivable dimensions.

Aids of the Cloud-Based Phone System by Fonebell:

·       Enhanced productivity: The arrival of Cloud-Based Solutions have boosted the networking system by integrating diverse teams of a particular business corporation. The newfangled Cloud-Based Solution are imperative to be embraced as it is indubitably the advanced stage of technology which has the requisite competent spirit to further spread its wave, thereby, facilitating business sector tremendously. VoIP, IVR system, multi-center contact solutions has enabled the smooth functioning of variegated communication procedures ensuring enhanced productivity.

·       Upgraded Performance: The improvised ways of communication procedures has assured greater team work and efforts put by the integrated manpower has resulted in enriched performance. Ultimate trial of any advanced technology is indisputably the share it contributes towards the growth level of the company. Cloud-Based Phone System has proclaimed loud and clear as to ascertain its reliability in being the optimum communication technology till date and the reviews of the users prove the authenticity of the claim.

Promoting Co-operation: The work force required a re-booting of technology and since it’s done, the team-work has got an access to the window of exploring new ways of fostering consumer bonds and generating new business partners. Cloud-Based Solutions warranties effective communication amid the team ]]>
<![CDATA[Cloud Phone Services— Best Tips and Advice]]>Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:25:54 GMThttp://fonebell.weebly.com/blog/cloud-phone-services-best-tips-and-adviceLooking for the ideal cloud-based contact center software solution? Here are best tips and advices on cloud phone services. Contact your Fonebell consultant at 1 800 3000 1127 (Toll Free).

The patient brought to the hospital was in a critical condition, but the hospital administration, without giving a second thought, denied him the treatment against the health insurance policy that he had. The reason being, pending renewal status of the policy at the issuer’s end. It instilled a sense of disappointment in the family members. They were getting penalized for nothing. They have been continuously paying the premiums on time.

The hospital and the family members were in a fix as what to do. They tried to contact the customer care of the policy provider but to no avail. Every time the call was getting dropped, neither the toll-free number nor the paid mobile number was accessible. Wait! The situation that I depicted here is a purely hypothetical, but not to be called as an uncommon instance. It points to the loopholes of contact center software solutions that are used to manage customers. Had the family members or the hospital staff managed to reach the customer-service desk, don’t you think that the mess could have been avoided? Would the family members again opt for the same health insurance provider or ever recommend anyone for that?

In daily life, we often happen to get struck in such scenarios where the trust gets betrayed. The thread of the trust that binds the customers with a brand is too delicate to endure any strain. In today’s growing consumerism, businesses need to understand this fact very clearly and provide the best experience to their customers. According to Gartner, customer-experience would be the key differentiators in the coming years, and businesses, irrespective of their sectors and customer-segments, need to adopt the best cloud phone services to stand out in the market. Though there is no dearth of contact center software solutions in the market, deliberated and prudential approach is required to align the technology features and tools with the business needs. To help you zero in on the right cloud phone services, we are recommending a few best tips and advices.

Estimate your business needs

Number of calls received, number of calls getting answered, number of calls abandoned or dropped, average revenue that you made against calls, average revenue that you lost per call and many more. Assess everything and cross-check them with the cloud phone service plans available with the vendor.

Know your customers (KYC)

Knowing customers is a must today. Know them closely — when they are going to call you, what kind of information they would seek from you, what they like and what not, and what kind of improvement they look forward. Based on the KYC report, get your contact center software solution customized by your cloud telephony vendor. Adopt the right IVR menus, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), call queuing, call forwarding, auto-attendant and integrate the phone system appropriately to your CRM platform. To check compliance adherence, don’t mind even if you have to shell out few pence on call monitoring software. It would not just help you to serve customers or callers in the best way but also to check operational challenges like abandoned calls and reduce the operating costs.

For more, visit website: http://www.fonebell.in/why-cloud-phone-services-are-better/
<![CDATA[Multi channel contact center solution Benefits]]>Tue, 28 Jul 2015 10:42:05 GMThttp://fonebell.weebly.com/blog/multi-channel-contact-center-solution-benefits The communication realm has been widened with broader technological advancements, and amid these changes, if you are looking forward to revolutionizing the prospect of your business, in that case, you must make sure that you are available on every device. The use of communication system has been widened and now-a-days consumers are using diverse platforms like emails, voice calls, video call and chat to communicate with the business. So, if you are looking forward to attracting maximum consumers, in that case, you must have the right automatic call distribution system arranged in place for revolutionizing the prospects and answering the consumers on each and every device that they are using. If you are having the right call center software, it will always make sure that customers are getting adhered to in the best way and they are getting the right resolve at the right time. A good VoIP system can enable customers to get the personalized service that they seek without any delay whatsoever.

So, you must have the best multichannel contact center solution to help streamline everything and make sure that maximum results are generated in the first place.

How Multichannel Contact Center Solution Helps a Business?

1.     Getting skilled worker is a tough pursuit and if you are having the right worker and you are looking forward to utilizing their talents to the fullest, in that case, you need a multichannel contact center solution that can enable them to work across multiple platforms. If the contact center solution provides the agent the opportunity to provide quality resolve to the customers across diverse channel, in that case, it will dramatically improve the prospects of the business.

2.     Most of the times the customers get served in the best way by an agent and they are always looking forward to the same experience every single time. In most of the times, if you are not having the right automatic call distribution feature installed in your business communication system, in that case, it will not lead to better results. With best call center solution, better results can be procured when agents are able to provide the right resolve at the right time.

3.     Evaluation is the key to performance and if the agents are evaluated across multiple channels, in that case, it will harbor maximum results. With multichannel contact center solution, you can ensure the efficiency and performance by making the performance evaluation centralized. Once this is streamlined, in that case, it will lead to better results for the customers.

4.     When you have a multichannel contact center solution, you can keep an eagle’s eye on the performance of each and every agent that are serving on diverse units of the business and after the assessment, you can bring out the best results for revolutionizing the prospects of the business.

If you want to make the most from your communication dynamics, in that case, going for the contact center solution would definitely leave an imprint on the minds of the customers.

<![CDATA[Internet of Things (IOT) Finds a New Manifestation with Cloud Phone Solutions]]>Thu, 23 Jul 2015 09:19:06 GMThttp://fonebell.weebly.com/blog/-internet-of-things-iot-finds-a-new-manifestation-with-cloud-phone-solutionsPicture
Business communication dynamics have undergone massive transformation with the entry of cloud phone solutions. With the help of these telephony services, big and small enterprises are able to save futile investment of setting up their own communication servers and installing hardware for initiating the communication. With the help of cloud phone services, the cost of communication has been curtailed and better opportunities have arisen due to their support. The increasing adoption of cloud based phone system is unquestionable. Leading technology analysis and research firms of the likes of Gartner have also advocated for the Internet of Things (IOT), and computing everywhere, and cloud phone system is a popular iteration of it.

Key benefits of cloud phone solutions are jotted down here.

No down Time: Your communication system is never impacted by unforeseen events. Reasons? No involvement of hardware products. Yes, just you are having a subscription to get access to a host of telecommunication features over a web browser. The lesser is hardware involvement, the lesser is the chance of getting stuck with some kinds of physical outage or conflicts, human errors and malfunctioning.

Multiple Location: Cloud business phone system allows you to run your business operations from multiple locations. Even you can stay connected with your vital stakeholders including partners and customers despite being far away in different time zones and spaces. This would definitely help you to move forward your business and achieve business objectives.

Cost Saving: “Cloud Telephony” service reduces the cost of communication, since you don’t have to setup your own infrastructure.

User Friendly: Cloud telephony is extremely easy to handle and even a layman can find it easy to handle cloud based phone system. The familiarity with the Internet and gizmos, gives you an edge, as you don’t need to make extra investment in grooming your people to get acquainted with the cloud-based advanced features like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), automatic call distribution, call forwarding, voice to SMS and vice-versa and more. The usage of cloud VoIP phone system‎ varies across different industries from manufacturer to retailer, to technology companies and solution providers, to telecom and other consumer utility service providers,  hence, before zeroing in on the cloud based phone system, you must create a checklist as what you need and what you don’t.

This discussion on cloud phone solutions would definitely help you go the right way. However, this is not the end. Through this platform, we want our readers to stay informed and make their investment to not just work for them but do wonder. In addition to the features and benefits, pricing and reliability, are also important aspects that should be kept in mind before going with a cloud phone system. The takers must browse through the terms and conditions, including indemnity and business data collection imposed or adopted by the service providers apart from the specific plan details. The adopters should have a clear idea about the service provider and its jurisdiction to ensure that he or she is partnering with the right partner.

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Recall or imagine a situation, you were explaining your problem to a customer support representative and the call got disconnected. Then you attempted again, but the call got routed to a different representative, who asked you to again narrate the entire story. Or you found some suspicious debit from your credit card, but when you tried calling the customer service department, you were kept stranded in a long queue, with the IVR doing the only best to console you that, - all our customer service executive are busy taking calls right now, we appreciate your patience, please be on line, and we’ll get back to you soon. As consumers, we understand that such situations are quite frustrating.

Call Management Challenges Why does it happen? Obviously, besides others, the one phrase answer can be poor call management. Handling hundreds and thousands of callers at a time is no mean task. But this is what a call center is supposed to do, i.e. to handle growing call volume and keep customers satisfied that too with the minimum human resource consumption. Call center managers have to battle with maintaining service levels despite lower availability of manpower, shrinking budgets and soaring customer’s expectation. There is no short-cut or tricky ways, as bad experience can hit their business bottom-line and ROI without any advance note. Customers today are more powerful than ever before with the Internet and emergence of social media, and in such a scenario none can stop them from giving their verdict about your brand or client’s brand. Being an entrepreneur you can understand the gravity of such public disclosure. Hence, you or your call center mangers need to identify, quantify and prioritize operation using a reliable call management software or service.

Call Management: Basic Features The significance of Information Technology in alleviating call center operational challenges and maximizing the vendor’s productivity hardly needs an introduction today. An outsourcing client performs a critical and thorough analysis of a call center’s technology and ability before availing its services. Before taking a broad study it will be imperative here to highlight here the basic functionalities/features of a call management software or service. A few include:

a) Call Routing

It’s quite clear that calls coming for different queries need segregation and diversion to different departments or agents based on desk or agent skill and callers’ priorities.

b) Call Scripting

Though some vendors thwart the concept, and for good reasons as they want to give better experience to customers with an aim to provide human touch to their service. However, call scripting is required to some extent for better understanding of customers’ concern through probing, and enhance the delivery system.

c) Escalation Management

It’s of utmost importance in order to check customers’ attrition from a network. There should be a speedy escalation system to render faster resolution as and when required. And, fortunately, today’s call management solutions are competent in doing so.

d) IVR / Voice Recognition

This is a good way of diminishing the burden of agents, managers and owners, and allow customers to get the right information or reach the right desk.

e) Knowledge Base

By embracing call management with a knowledge base, vendors can help customers to find the right solution on their own.

f) Predictive Dialer

This evolved as a popular tool for the telemarketers (outbound call centers). They can keep their agents busy, drive sales and business ROI and make the maximum use of the customer-contact database available with them.

g) Quality Management

Call center manages can have a look at the quality parameters to make sure that their people are disseminating the right information to customers. They can audit and barge calls anywhere anytime.

h) Workforce Management

Managers can check the status of different agents, whether they are active or in not-ready state. This helps them to enhance the business productivity by keeping everyone busy.

Call Management: Transcending Barriers

A similar outlook was presented by Gartner in its consideration of call center infrastructure (CCI). Gartner CCI includes elements or components from telephony support and multichannel support both categories, as: (a) Telephony infrastructure, (b) Multimedia contact routing and prioritization engines with real-time and historical reporting; (c) IVR and voice portals for self-service applications, including speech-enabled self-service; (d) Outbound dialing/proactive contact; (e) Virtual routing applications for multi site and work-at-home scenarios; (f) Presence tools; (g) Tools for integration with CRM software; (h) Data mart and analytic systems; (i) Computer-telephony integration (CTI)/Web services interfaces; (j) Email response management; (k) Web chat; (l) Social media; (m) Live and prerecorded video; (n) Knowledge-based self-service; (o) Workforce management scheduling tools; (p)Session recording and quality monitoring, including speech analytics; (q) Workflow routing and management and (r) Mobile customer service applications.

From the above, you might have inferred one thing that today call management is not limited to voice calls. Instead it covers all sorts of call management spanning across different communication platform including non-voice. And, this comprehensive contact management (note the change from call to contact) is gaining more attention, and hence, adoption today by call center vendors. This new CCI model has got wide acceptance of customer and employee service and support centers, inbound and outbound telemarketing services, help desk services, government-operated support centers, and other types of structured communications operations.

Call Management: Shift from Software to Cloud

Cloud-based call management has evolved as an efficient and cost-effective platform to handle the broad spectrum of services or features mentioned above. It offers a unified communication platform to entertain multichannel communication i.e. voice and non-voice ones. Moreover, it easily syncs with available customer relationship management program, which can be easily utilized by agents or operators to stay more responsive to customers’ demand. However, the broad functionality doesn’t demand hefty IT investment. Call center owners don’t need to make any upfront technology investment, instead they can go with pay-as-you-go system offered by cloud-based call management service provider. Moreover, the flexible software-as-a- service model can withstand their changing needs. They can add/discard capabilities of the service, fine tune applications and turn customer care into a competitive weapon.

Adoption of cloud-based call management is on the rise, and contact centers are gradually moving from traditional telephony to cloud-managed system to gain rigor and agility in order to neutralize the challenges of rising technology ownership costs and operational expense and demanding customers and ensure better sustainability. Hope, you would tap in the latest technology of cloud to evolve your system and give better customer service to your customers or clients.

<![CDATA[Benefits of Interactive Voice Response Solutions for Health Care]]>Mon, 01 Jun 2015 11:34:27 GMThttp://fonebell.weebly.com/blog/benefits-of-interactive-voice-response-solutions-for-health-carePicture
  Long ago a visionary defined democracy as “a government of the people, by the people, for the people”, thanks IT (Information Technology) has adopted the message in spirit, and today we can witness its derivatives inspiring, helping and serving people in every walk of life. In the present issue, we will explore the benefits of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions for Health Care industry.

Staying responsive 24/7

Healthcare is a critical industry. From hospitals to clinical labs, from pharmacists to pharma manufacturing firms to bio technology research labs, everywhere real-time collaboration between departments and people is required to ensure that processes go in the right way without suffering any setback. Users can place calls over VoIP, send and receive text messages, create & access faxes, arrange conference calls, manage phone settings and view call activity on the fly. To manage queries from multiple segments, users can set up multi-level IVR. This will divert inbound queries/concerns from prospects/customers to different departments where they can find the apt answers and on real time. This is designed to meet versatile objectives like:

          Managing call flow & increasing professionalism

          Prioritizing calls based on value

          Routing the caller to the right agent or department

          Building scheduled responses

          Offering precise information & increase first-call resolution rate

          Greeting callers through customized messages

Eventually, this improves employee’s satisfaction and raises the level of patient care.

Cutting down operational cost

Today’s advanced IVR systems, which are based on cloud, are highly scalable and flexible. Interestingly, the setup and installation doesn’t demand physical hardware servers and wirings as is in the case of traditional PSTN based phone system. Moreover, the calls are routed in the cloud, and which remains the headache of the service provider, hence, healthcare units can save on manpower. Managing in-house IT department would be a past thing, as cloud based IVR systems for healthcare don’t need physical upgrade and maintenance at client’s end, rather than it happens in the background at the service provider’s end. Moreover, the cloud based IVR or telephony brings in more flexibility in terms of scaling up or pulling down the resource utilization.

Administrators can add/remove numbers anytime, add/remove extension anytime and pay the charges on the go on the monthly basis.

Easier Implementation

Benefits of Interactive Voice Response Solutions for Health Care are also entailed in its lucid setup and installation mechanism. As the IVR system is devoid of any kind of on-site equipment installation, wiring or cable ducting, etc. one can get the IVR system ready to work in not time. This is particularly helpful for healthcare professionals who are less or at all not proficient in handling IT issues. With cloud based IVR, they can get started in minutes by just plugging-in their IP desk phones/PCs into their Internet ports.

Besides exploring the possible benefits of Interactive Voice Response Solutions for Health Care industry, aspiring healthcare administrators must take an in-depth study to understand the their implications while zeroing in on the right cloud telephony vendor. They must take a look at the past record of the service vendor.  They should understand whether the rendered IVR services are in compliance with regulations imposed by Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), Government of India Directory of Health and Family Welfare, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and World Health Organization (WHO).

<![CDATA[How to Improve the Quality of Employees for Better Phone Skills]]>Thu, 07 May 2015 10:52:14 GMThttp://fonebell.weebly.com/blog/how-to-improve-the-quality-of-employees-for-better-phone-skills If you are running a call center, in that case, you are always looking forward to satiating every customers that calls, however, often this pursuit can be a tough proposition. But things have changed for the better and technology has brought miracles into play. So, now-a-days it is possible to answer millions of customers calling your business through call handling solution. This solution that has been invented has done marvelously in improving the ROI of the business and those call centers that have employed this software technology, they are able to witness a larger chunk of satisfied customers then their immediate peers. At the same time, it is also evident to notice that the use of call handling solution is not just confined to big stalwarts, rather, small businesses that have high call volume are also enthusiastically using call handling solution to help each customer get their doubts clarified and captivate them to buy from that business. For business, communication is necessary, however, that communication should be streamlined in the best way. Mere employing communication channels would never materialize in the long run, if the communication is not a two way process. With the help of call handling, it is possible to make communication always a two way process, thereby it impacts the reputation of the business and helps the business to resonate well with the clients.

So, if you are providing the call handling solution to innumerable businesses and making fortune out of it, in that case, it is very much important that you train you’re employees that are helping to streamline the call handling solution in the best way. You must make them aware of the phone skills that they should harbor for making the communication effective and satisfactory. So, for ensuring that, you can follow these small trainings that you can provide to your employees for bettering their phone skills.

1.     Product Knowledge: Whenever you are employing people for providing call handling solution, in that case, make sure that you have given them excellent product knowledge. There are instances where lack of knowledge leads to business loss, so you must train your employees with all the aspect of the product and the queries that may come up during the course of the conversation, if you are doing that then you make your employee invincible and they can answer to the calls in the best way.

2.     Tone and Speech: While on the call, the call handling solution will work in the best way if your employee knows the right tone and the way the speech should be facilitated. So, you are on the call to provide solution to the customer, so when your business is using call handling solution to answer every customer, in that case, the business wants every customer to count. So, if you are able to explain the caller regarding the doubts and problems that they are having and provide them the right resolve in the humble tone, in that case, it will definitely do wonders for the business. So, when you are using call handling solution, in that case, make sure that your agents are having the right courteous tone and speech speed while talking to callers.

3.     No Recklessness: Don’t be in haste to clarify the customers, there are instances when the call pressure is more and the agent is in haste to provide the solution. Such an attempt would make the customer furious and they may even flee without taking the service. While on call, the middle and last part of the conversation is pretty vital, so make sure that it goes well.

4.     Monitoring: Always make sure that when call handling solution is being employed in your organization, in that case, you are having proper monitoring to help the agents go through the recording and figure out the flaws and strong point that they have. This will help improve the quality of the call and provide an edge over brand and reputation building of the enterprise.